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February 29 2016


Evg. Darren from QDMinistries here.

Prophet Brian Carn Warning Going Out Listen Up Repent

I've to talk about my worries of the state of the cathedral nowadays that we find quite worrying. A number of you could possibly or might not be conscious of a tv-program named Preachers of Atlanta where a pastor profess to distribute condoms in a hope to attract prostitutes and worldly people to the chapel in church. The problem with that is, should it-not be the "Nature of The Most High" that draws people to the church?. Prophet Brian Carn spoke on this same topic on a video entitled Prophet Mark Carn Talks On providing condoms and cigarettes in church. This video can be found on youtube for all those wanting to notice this meaning that I found relational, to express minimal While on the subject of Prophet John Carn,. There is apparently much talk on cultural systems indicating he's estimated a word for word prophecy from the known Psychic Cheryl Lynn. Again I do want to stress the purpose that whenever the saints arrive at a point of placing our Commanders and prophets down and exposing them to take what in my opinion is just a direct term from God and declaring he has taken this word from the psychic, I believe it is worrying that this could perhaps be outlined and also have our individual affairs spoke for your earth to see, hear and study. If these dirty laundry will be aired in public when the world recognizes this happening within the body of Christ, how then can we attract the planet. We already have many adverse labels positioned on us, some simply for proclaiming that we are pursuing Christ. However now we have preachers of Atlanta, and Pastors or preachers proclaiming to utilize cigarettes and condoms to attract the world for the church. Wake-up Men and Women of God.


I think, Prophet John Carn is an anointed male of God, and he'd not be utilizing a psychic for his prophecies he gives with all the body of Christ, and further more as being a body of Christ if we have or think we have a problem having a buddy/cousin or leader, we ought to first go to that brother or cousin first. Please read: Matthew 18: simply 15 in case your brother or sibling sins, proceed and explain their problem involving the couple. You have acquired over them, when they pay attention to you. Now I am aware Prophet Brian Carn may not have sinned straight to anybody of you-but this bible may be used inside the same wording. Before we go-around and suppose he doesn't notice from God for his Predictions, probably we ought to get in connection with him first, and if not resolved or clarification has be resolved, then we ought to consider getting it up using a head who is in contact with him. NOT the Planet.

So in summary, we've to take accountability The world is hunting a judging people by our actions.


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